• The Strad

    22 November 2010

    ...a beautifully shaped reading of the second of Beethoven's op.18. Then with pure youthful exuberance came Ravel's Quartet, a score these players have recently recorded and which here sizzled with their enviable technical prowess, the pizzicato second movement exploding with the brilliance of fireworks.

  • Yorkshire Post

    22 September 2010

    The Sacconi stand out from the crowd, the critics unstinting in their praise for the British newcomers.

  • International Record Review

    22 June 2010

    These are fascinating works, and the players respond intelligently to ideas that must have startled the more conventional Parisians...This is good Haydn playing.

  • Ilkely Gazette

    22 April 2010

    Haydn’s urbanity provided an excellent foil for the Smetana quartet that followed. Entitled by its composer ‘From my Life’ this autobiography-in-music was given the most dramatic and intense performance I have ever heard...The whole performance received a vociferous ovation; it was a remarkable achievement by these marvellous young players.

  • Classical Music Magazine

    22 April 2010

    Ample vigour in the vivace movements, yet space is allowed to capture the witticism in a turn of phrase; when the mood darkens in the adagio of No 2 the players provide a rich, Gypsy-inflected hues. These are performances to treasure and one awaits eagerly the next release from the ensemble's new label.

  • Musical Pointers

    22 February 2010

    The Sacconi Quartet is well up with their competitors, and their recorded account of the marvellous "Tost" Op. 54 set, with extended flights of fancy weaved for the eponymous commissioning merchant/violinist, has all the feeling of live music-making that cannot be taken for granted in studio recordings. Hearing three short samples on their website should convince you.

  • Musicweb International

    22 September 2009

    The performance of the Haydn Quartet was a superb achievement ... In the first movement, an amiable Allegretto leading into the medium paced allegro, they played with an effortlessness that shaded the transition from one tempo to the other smoothly, ensuring that there should be no jolt as the music changed. The slow movement is one of Haydn’s most deeply felt, and here the players clearly grasped all of the music's profundity. The minuet and trio were delightful, especially the trio which is led by the cello, and realising that the finale, although marked Presto, can lose some of its character if played too quickly, the quartet wisely chose a steadier pace which allowed them to bring out all of the humour and joy in the piece. The Sacconis have been together since 2001 and on the strength of this performance they deserve to go far. Who knows what they might achieve on reaching 70 themselves?

Both Padmore and the Sacconi Quartet, who have a major expressive role as accompanists, are at their finest in ‘Soon, we will be free’, the serene, lyrical heart of 'In Damascus'Presto Recordings of the Year: Finalist 2017
The festival sensation, the young Sacconi Quartet completely bowled over a packed audience. The chemistry between these four young players is tangible and magical.The Scotsman
A beautiful blend of sound ... highly engaging.The Times
An exceptional ensemble ... a unanimous sense of musical breath and a meticulous attention to detail.Musical Opinion
A quartet of genuine substance.The Daily Telegraph
Great power and sweetness ... intimate closeness.The Spectator
Enviable technical prowess.The Strad
The finest I have ever heardEdward Clark, British Sibelius Society
A triumphant performanceThe Observer