• Sacconi Cruise • June 2018 • Spitsbergen & Arctic Circle •

Kirker Music Festivals at Sea 2018

A remote and evocative archipelago,  the islands of Norway’s  Arctic north hold a unique allure for those with a sense of adventure.  During the long midsummer days,  Black  Watch will cruise up the spectacular Norwegian coastline,  past the Seven Sisters’  Mountain range,  and the North Cape as far as the  Arctic outpost of Spitsbergen.

The Sacconis will be on board for the whole cruise, performing in twelve of the eighteen concerts. Violist Simon Rowland-Jones will be joining the quartet, as well as other illustrious musicians to be announced shortly.

As a friend of the Quartet, you can reserve your place before public booking opens by calling Lucy Ayling at Kirker on 020 7593 1896

We hope to see you on board!

Ben, Hannah, Robin and Cara