• "The finest I have ever heard"

    23 July 2015

    The Sacconis have been in the news again, attracting considerable praise for their Scandinavian concert at the Purcell Room from one particular member of the audience; no less than the President of the British Sibelius Society, Edward Clark.

    He opens his review with "This performance by the Sacconi Quartet of Sibelius's 'Voces intimae' was the finest I have ever heard"; high praise for the performance that sets the tone for the rest of this thoughtful and comprehensive review.

    He pays particular attention to the Sacconis' performance of Sibelius's great work, 'Voces Intimae', enthusing that "this was a truly magisterial, full-blooded and deeply thoughtful view (of) a masterpiece" and how the chords over which Sibelius wrote 'Voces intimae', were played with "spellbinding delicacy".

    He concludes the review by saying "near-perfection was achieved".

  • “A triumphant performance”

    13 July 2015

    The Sacconis' recent Residency at the Lichfield Festival has attracted critical acclaim from several sources, and has received rave reviews in several newspapers, including national recognition in both the Guardian and the Observer.

    The first came from Richard Bratby of the Birmingham Post, whose review of 'The Juliet Letters' with Jon Boden enthused that the performance “...requires neither Costello nor the Brodskys in order to make a powerful impact” and that “ this music speak(s) more directly – more passionately – than ever”. He concludes the piece by acclaiming it as “..chamber music of a high order”.

    More praise came from Stephen Pritchard, writing in both the Guardian and Observer over the weekend, whose review of the Sacconis' Scandinavian concert received a glowing 4 star review. He praised their “tremendous control” and enthused about “the particularly fine playing from second violinist Hannah Dawson”.

    His conclusion needs no further comment: “ was in Sibelius’s Intimate Voices quartet that the Sacconis really impressed. The calm stillness of the central adagio will linger in the memory for a long time. It was a triumphant performance...”

  • 'Heartfelt' Premiere

    16 June 2015

    The Sacconis have garnered considerable attention for 'Heartfelt', their latest innovative collaboration, premiered as part of the Spitalfields music festival. In particular, the performance was picked up by Tom Service, who featured it both on his recent BBC R3 'Music Matters' programme and on his Guardian blog.

    As has been advertised here previously, the performance set out to privide an extra dimension to the already profound experience of Beethoven's Op. 132, through interactive lighting and an interactive heart rate monitor. The monitor, a beautifully crafted combination of wood and advanced electronics and described as a 'chestahedron', gave a continuous link to the heart rate of one of the Sacconis, beating in time with the players heart.

    Surprisingly perhaps, the heart rates don't follow the tempo of the music. As Hannah says during 'Music Matters', 'It is also maybe simplistic to imagine that always when we're playing slow music that out hearts are going to be correlating in a slow fashion. I think the central movement is a moment of repose, a moment of calm; but also a moment where maybe life and death make sense as well, and so it's maybe the most heightened bit emotionally'.

    For those of you who were unable to attend, the Sacconis will be touring with 'Heartfelt'; performing it over the summer as part of the Lichfield Festival and the Bristol Proms.

  • 'Performing Miracles'

    13 May 2015

    The Sacconis eagerly awaited appearance on Radio 3's 'In Tune' programme can now be found on BBC iPlayer with the quartet playing excerpts from Dove: Out of Time - quartet for strings at 5 and 55 minutes, as well as Beethoven Op. 132 at 14 minutes and Sibelius: Op.56 (Voces intimae) at 48 minutes. The programme will be available on BBC iPlayer for a further 28 days.

    As an added bonus, the Sacconis performance of the first movement of Jonathan Dove's 'Out of time' has been selected for  BBC Radio 3's 'Performing Miracles', which is described as 'the Best of Radio 3 – a top performance from the latest broadcasts' and is now one of a select group chosen for this showcase. A link to the excerpt can be found here, and again is available for a further 28 days.

  • The Sacconis on BBC Radio 3

    11 May 2015

    This Tuesday, 12th May, the Sacconis are appearing with Sean Rafferty on BBC Radio 3's 'In Tune' programme from 4:30pm, where they will be playing excerpts from Dove, Sibelius and Beethoven.

    Also on the programme, they will be looking forward to the upcoming Sacconi Festival in Folkestone, starting this Friday, 15th May. Do come along, if you can!

  • 'Heartfelt' Run-Through

    27 April 2015

    We would like to invite you to come and experience the testing phase of HEARTFELT, an immersive, interactive performance that re-imagines a Beethoven quartet through robotics and audience responsive lighting design.

    Together with robotic designers, Rusty Squid and interactive lighting designer, Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn, the Sacconi Quartet are creating a project in which the audience will be able to experience a performance of Beethoven’s String Quartet in A minor Op.132, that moves beyond the realms of sight and sound.

    We are carrying out a series of audience tests as part of the development process and would like to invite you to preview this work and provide feedback.

    The audience testing will be taking place near Brick Lane in East London on Friday 1st May during the morning from 11am until 12:30pm and again in the afternoon from 2:30pm until 4pm. If you would like to be part of this please RSVP to Emilie Giles by Tuesday 28th April at and she will assign you a slot.

  • Like a Chemist from Canada

    8 April 2015

    This July, the Sacconis are taking part in another unusual and innovative event, as part of a new play about Shostakovich at The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

    In 1958, at the height of his artistic ability and reputation, the composer Dmitri Shostakovich was invited by Oxford University to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Music, where he was hosted by Sir Isaiah and Lady Berlin. The play is based on the official correspondence and telegrams surrounding the visit, and include Berlin’s astonishing ruminations on the significance of Shostakovich’s visit

    The play is followed by a performance by the Sacconis and pianist Colin Stone of Shostakovich's Piano Quintet, performed as though on the 25 June 1958. Full details can be found here, and details of the Sacconi performance are on the Diary page.

  • Festival Run-Through

    29 March 2015

    On Thursday 14th May, Hannah, along with Pierre Doumenge and John Paul Ekins, will be performing a run-through of Tchaikovsky and Haydn , ahead of the Sacconi Music Festival at Folkestone. The recital will be at the home of Sir Vernon Ellis, the Founder Patron of the Sacconi Trust, at Queens Gate Terrace, South Kensington.
    A full programme for the performance, along with details of how to reserve a place, can be obtained by emailing the Vernon Ellis Foundation at
  • Spring Newsletter

    21 March 2015

    The Sacconi's latest Newsletter is now out, covering all the exciting news about the Quartet and their many different projects. There are details on the Sacconi's own Festival, in May down in Folkestone, as well as details of the many other Festivals around the country that the quartet will be performing in over the summer.

    There are also details of two new projects that the Quartet will be premiering over the summer as part of the Spitalfields Festival and the Bristol Proms. Both feature the quartet in innovative settings, and both promise to deliver a new and unique sensory experience for the audience.

    Finally, there is some exciting news about one of the Quartet, but you'll have to read the Newsletter to find out. If you haven't already done so, why not sign up to be on our mailing list here.

  • 'Heartfelt'

    4 March 2015

    What does it feel  like to be a musician?  As part of the Spitalfields Music Festival, the Sacconi Quartet takes Beethoven’s iconic String Quartet in A minor op. 132 and put their own feelings, quite literally, in the hands of the audience.

    Through a combination of cutting-edge technology providing a real-time connection to the performers’ heartbeats, and quick-response, immersive lighting, the audience will experience the music through a multitude of senses; sight, sound and touch.

    Join the Sacconis in this cutting-edge experience, where the senses become fused and the boundaries between performers and audience are blurred to hitherto unknown levels.

  • Cara in Godalming

    10 February 2015

    On Tuesday 24th February, at 8pm, Cara will be joined by Libby Burgess (piano) and Jamie Campbell (principal 2nd violin with the Aurora Orchestra) for a recital at Dunsfold Music Circle, near Godalming. The programme will include piano trios by Beethoven and Ravel.

    Further details can be obtained from Dunsfold Music Circle.

  • The Sacconis Live in Madrid

    26 January 2015

    This Wednesday, 28th January, the Sacconis will be performing live at the Fundacion Juan March in Madrid, in a concert that forms part of a series titled 'the Anti-Modernists', a term coined to describe composers who elected to bring the past up to date as a formula for modernity, rather than flatly rejecting it. Four of these 'Anti-Modernist' composers feature in the concert; Stravinsky, Sibelius, Bridge and Britten, and the whole concert is being broadcast live on RTE Radio Clasica at 19:30 CET (18:30 GMT).

    If you couldn't listen to the live broadcast, the concert has been recorded and is available online. The  concert can be found here on the Radio Clasica archive and the Sacconis appear from 32 minutes in to the recording.

  • Nielsen's 150th Anniversary

    15 January 2015

    The official website of the European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom features a piece (see here) by Charles Kerry on this year's 150th anniversary of the Nordic composer Carl Nielsen, titled 'Nielsen’s 150th: an anniversary which we need', in which he makes a compelling case for the importance of this anniversary, and the significance of Nielsen's music in general.

    He highlights the coverage Nielsen's symphonies are receiving, but bemoans the fact that his string quartets are receiving far less attention, with the notable exception of the Sacconi Quartet. He notes that the Sacconis are, at present, the only quartet listed as performing one of Nielsen's quartets this year (at Blackheath, Nottingham and Sheffield - see the Diary page for details).

  • Building a Library

    11 January 2015

    In the most recent edition of BBC R3's 'Building a Library', Robert Philip compared recordings of Dvorak's much-loved String Quartet known as the American Quartet, and makes a personal recommendations as to his top choices.

    The Sacconi's recording was chosen as one of the top performances, attracting particular praise for their rendition of the second movement, 'Lento'. He notes that  'they have the concentration to sustain the whole movement' and that 'their ending is as beautiful as any'. When he comes to his final selection, he admits 'if I have to choose a winner, I'm really just choosing one among equals'.

    The full programme can be found on BBC iPlayer until 8th February.

  • Sacconi Festival 2015 Programme Launched!

    18 December 2014

    Sacconi Chamber Music Festival 2015: ‘Intimate Voices’ 15th-17th May 2015

    We are delighted to have in residence the renowned pianist Charles Owen, who will be performing with the Sacconis throughout the Festival weekend. We also welcome double bass player and BBC presenter Chi-chi Nwanoku, exciting young pianist John Paul Ekins and multi-award winning folk musician Jon Boden as our special guest artists.

    Programme highlights include Dvorak String Quintet, Mendelssohn Octet, Tchaikovsky Piano Trio, Bach Piano Concerto in D minor and Beethoven Quartet Op.131. For full programme details please go to the Festival page.

    The Box Office will open early in the New Year, so watch this space!

  • Buy a Piece of Musical History

    17 December 2014

    The Sacconi Quartet and Mark Padmore are commissioning British composer Jonathan Dove to write a major new work for string quartet and tenor. The piece will have its world premiere at the Sacconi Chamber Music Festival in 2016, and will also feature in a new recording by the quartet. You have the opportunity of contributing to this exciting landmark in the Sacconi's history and at the same time have the chance of winning a fabulous prize:

    • First prize of a Sacconi Quartet recital at a venue and time of your choosing
    • Five runners-up prizes of a signed copy of the Champs Hill Records' complete Mendelssohn quartets

    There are only one hundred raffle tickets available, priced at £100. Please contact Robin ((Please enable JavaScript to view this email address)) to reserve yours!

  • Ben in the Wye Valley

    19 November 2014

    Next January, Ben will be joining other eminent musicians at the Wye Valley Music Festival. The Festival was established back in 2000 to bring world-class chamber music to beautiful and intimate venues up and down the Wye Valley. It has attracted world-class musicians from the outset and is now an important year-round cultural presence in the Wye Valley.

    Ben will be playing two concerts over the weekend of 17/18th January 2015; Korngold's String Quartet No.3 and Piano Quintet in E major. Full details can be found at the Wye Valley Chamber Music website.

  • 'It will change you'

    5 November 2014

    The Sacconis have picked up yet another fantastic review, this time for their Ripon concert from Tim Robinson and published in the Ripon Gazette. All three pieces receive high praise, starting with Haydn String Quartet Op. 20, No. 5, where the Quartet 'make us want to get up and dance with their extraordinary internal rhythm', before continuing on to the Janáček String Quartet No. 1, described as 'electrifying, exhausting and exhilarating'.

    His highest praise is reserved for the Sacconis' performance of Beethoven String Quartet Op. 132, in particular for the third movement, where words almost fail him; he enthuses 'I hesitate to describe the third movement. Words just will not do. Go and listen to it. Find it on You Tube! Buy the Sacconi’s recording which they about to make. Then go and listen to it live. You must listen to it live. It will change you'.

  • 'Impressively Mature'

    16 October 2014

    The Sacconi's recent start of season concert for the London Chamber Music Society has picked up a glowing review on Musicweb International. The piece, by Claire Seymour, begins by describing it as 'an impressively mature and focused performance', before going on to highlight the individual contributions from each of the Sacconis.

    The Beethoven Op. 132 merits special praise, being described as 'an astonishingly assured and mature reading...' and 'the consistency of shared vision and musical voice was still remarkable, and suggested a deep, shared penetration of the work’s musical and philosophical arguments'.

    The full review can be found at the Musicweb International website

  • Bach by Candlelight

    7 October 2014

    Just a quick reminder that the Sacconis perform this Friday, 10th October, at St Martin in the Fields, where Ben will be Musical Director for an evening of Vivaldi and Bach concertos. Baroque concertos from Ben and Hannah (Vivaldi) and Robin (Brandenburg 6 with Philip Dukes), plus the CPE Bach cello concerto performed by Guy Johnston and Bach's Brandenburg 3; all with Cara playing too.

    Don't miss this opportunity to hear the Sacconis performing solo in the beautiful setting of St Martin in the Fields, and all played by candlelight. Full details can be found at the St Martin in the Fields website.

  • Cara, Cello and Church

    23 September 2014

    This October, on Friday 3rd, Cara (and cello) will be performing a lunchtime concert at St Barnabas church, Ealing. She will be joined by Fenella Humphreys on violin and Daniel Lowenberg on piano. They will be playing Beethoven: Piano trio in G major Op 1 no 2 and Brahms: Piano trio in C minor Op 101. This free concert will start at 1pm and last approximately 45 minutes.

    Full details can be found at the St Barnabas Church website.

  • Out and About

    16 September 2014

    Just a quick reminder about Hannah's upcoming appearances on the International Musicians Seminar Autumn Tour, where she is playing Mendelssohn string quintet in B flat with Pekka Kuusisto, Rachel Roberts, Caroline Henbest and David Waterman.

    Her hectic schedule starts on Sunday 28th September at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro followed by Monday at St George's Bristol, Tuesday at West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge, Wednesday at Champs Hill, West Sussex and finishing up at Wigmore Hall on Thursday. Full details can be found at the IMS website.

    Do come along to one!

  • Sacconi's Autumn Newsletter

    2 September 2014

    In anticipation of their upcoming Autumn season, the Sacconi's latest newsletter is now available. Inside, it covers what they've been up to over the past few months, as well as looking forward to the new season. The link to the Newsletter can be found here.

    Looking back, it features a personal perspective by Hannah on their performance of Beethoven's Op 132 at the Bristol Proms, which used innovative staging and video to give an immersive experience for both the audience and the quartet. Hannah can be found explaining it all as part of a video interview for Classic FM. It also includes the glowing reviews for the Mendelssohn disc set from Champs Hill records, which includes the Sacconis preforming the Op.13 quartet in A minor.

    Looking forward, there are details of the first concerts of the new season, as well as the exciting news that the Quartet have been invited back to the beautiful island of Ischia for another Kirker Music Holiday, October 2015. Definitely a date for your diaries, along with the Christmas Party, which this year is on Thursday 11th December.

  • Vivaldi and Bach

    16 August 2014

    This October, Ben will be Musical Director for an evening of Vivaldi and Bach concertos at St Martin in the Fields, where he will performing with the Locrian Ensemble and the cellist Guy Johnson. The performance will be on Friday 10th October, and full details can be found at the St Martin in the Fields website.

    As an added bonus, Ben will be joined for the Vivaldi – Concerto for Two Violins by Hannah!

  • Five Stars

    6 August 2014

    The Champs Hill Mendelssohn Quartets four disk set, which features the Sacconis playing Mendelssohn's String Quartet No.2 in A minor Op.13, is BBC Music Magazine's Chamber disc of the month / Critic's Choice in their September issue, receiving a double 5* review for both the performances and the recording.

    The enthusiastic and positive review, by Roger Nichols, opens with his observation that it is "... a true delight to me to find ten groups of young string players who take the composer's notes seriously..." and concludes with him saying "Overall, I can only applaud the musicianship of these excellently recorded performances which give us Mendelssohn in his infinite variety".

  • The Sacconis at the Bristol Proms

    3 August 2014

    The Sacconis recent performance of Beethoven's intense and complex Op. 132 as part of the 2104 Bristol Proms was an ambitious attempt to bring this life-changing piece to a wider audience through the innovative use of multiple, simultaneous camera projections of the four Sacconis, coupled with roving cameras to capture the finest details of the performance. At the centre of the performance was the third movement, performed in almost total darkness; played from memory by the Quartet.

    This performance has received considerable coverage on Classic FM, including a wide-ranging interview with Hannah, in which she explains how they hoped the additional visual elements would make this complex piece more immediately comprehensible to a wider audience. The Classic FM coverage also includes pictures from the evening, and the performance is given a 4 star review in the Bristol Post.

  • 'Elegant and understated'

    21 July 2014

    The Sacconis have received a glowing review in this month's Gramophone magazine for their performance of Mendelssohn's String Quartet No.2 in A Minor Op.13 on the recent release of 'Mendelssohn Complete Works for String Quartet' on Champs Hill Records. The Quartet were described as 'elegant and understated' in a glowing review of the 4-disc set. A fuller extract of the review, along with details of where to get the set can be found in the Recordings section.

  • Hannah's Autumn Tour

    16 July 2014

    This Autumn Hannah is one of a select group of musicians, all specially invited by the IMS Artistic Director Steven Isserlis, who will be taking part in the IMS national tour with the aim of bringing the work done at IMS at Prussia Cove to a wider audience. This hand-picked group of talented musicians also includes Pekka Kuusisto, who was such a hit at this year's Sacconi Festival.

    The programme for the performances will be; Beethoven - String Quintet Op.29, Martinů - String Quartet No. 5 and Mendelssohn - String Quintet in B flat; and the dates and venues for the performances are as follows:

    Sunday 28th September - Hall for Cornwall, Truro
    Monday 29th September - St George's Bristol
    Tuesday 30th September - West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge
    Wednesday 1st October - Champs Hill, West Sussex
    Thursday 2nd October - Wigmore Hall, London

    Full details can be found at the IMS website.

  • The Sacconis at the Bristol Proms

    4 July 2014

    The award-winning Sacconi Quartet, associate artists at Bristol Old Vic, follow up their exquisite interpretation of Schubert's Quintet in C (Bristol Proms 2013) and their unforgettable semi-staged Beethoven 131 (Bristol Jam 2010), with the magnificent Beethoven's great Quartet opus 132. In collaboration with Judith Aston and her colleagues from the UWE Filmmaking department, the performance will experiment with cameras, multiple projections and vj-ing to explore how a cinematic environment can be created to help evoke the imagination and emotion that comes with the music. You should expect a traditional recital performed in a non-traditional setting, creating respectful new ways in to the sublime beauty of Beethoven’s late work.

  • The Sacconis at Kings Place

    9 June 2014

    This Thursday, 12th June, 7.30pm, the Sacconis perform with pianist Simon-Crawford-Phillips at Kings Place as part of its on-going 'Chamber Classics Unwrapped’ series, a project by Kings Place, with BBC Music Magazine, to find the Top 50 most loved pieces of chamber music.

    The Sacconis present two of Dvořák’s most popular chamber works, along with the short, but deeply moving ‘Meditation on an Old Czech Hymn' by his student, Joseph Suk.

    Dvořák’s American quartet, at no.9 in the Top 50, was composed whilst in rural America, and evokes scenes of the New World with music inspired by the surrounding nature, African American spirituals and, as the composer himself observed, differs very much from his earlier works.

    His Piano Quintet No.2 (no.28 in the Top 50) is a tantalising mixture of Dvořák’s own personal lyricism and rhythmic intensity, coupled with elements from Czech folk music. Written at the height of his powers, it is one of his happiest creations; radiating warmth and exuberance.

    Full details of this exciting concert can be found at the Kings Place website.

  • The Sacconis on Champs Hill Records

    7 June 2014

    The Sacconis feature on a new release of the complete works of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn, which sets out to challenge preconceptions about the Mendelssohns, as being composers of 'safe' repertoire. This a four disk set sets aims to be a complete and comprehensive survey of the Mendelssohns' work, including their less well-known compositions. Full details of the recording, and of the Sacconis' part in it, performing Mendelssohn's String Quartet No.2 in A Minor Op.13, can be found at the Champs Hill website.

  • Hannah's Charity Concert

    4 June 2014

    Hannah will be performing in Music for Liberia’s annual fundraising concert on Saturday 14 June. Music for Liberia is working with Street Child  to support education projects in Liberia. The concert takes place at 7pm in St.Gabriel's Church, Pimlico SW1V 2AD; see Music For Liberia's website for details. All proceeds will be matched by the UK Government, so do come along and contribute to this very good cause!

  • Robin at Menter Rhosygilwen Summer Proms

    3 June 2014

    This August, Robin is one of the lead performers at the Menter Rhosygilwen Second Summer Proms. These concerts take place in beautiful rural Pembrokeshire, near to the historic town of Cardigan. Menter Rhosygilwen promotes music, the arts and culture and they are passionate about live classical music by Welsh and international artists. The concerts takes place over three days, from Wednesday 27th through to Friday 29th August 2014; all at 7:00pm. Full details can be found here at the Festival website.

  • The Sacconis on BBC Radio 3

    27 May 2014

    This Monday at 4:30pm, the Sacconis are on BB Radio 3's 'In Tune' programme (see 'BBC In Tune'). They will be playing movements from Mozart E flat quartet k. 428 and Dvorak's 'American', so looking back to last weekend's Sacconi Festival in Folkestone, and forward to their upcoming concert at Kings Place on 12th June (see the Kings Place website). Catch them live on the day, or later on iPlayer. Better still, come along to Kings Place as well!

  • The Sacconis' Concert Marathon

    20 May 2014

    The Sacconis have been busy preparing for their Festival (#Sacconi14) in Folkestone, but still managed to find the time for a marathon series of concerts over the weekend; three concerts and three different locations, all in the space of 24 hours! First up was Wallingford, with a diverse programme encompassing the beauty of Puccini, the edgy darkness of Janacek and the majesty of Schubert. Next up was Oxford with Ben and Cara performing Messiaen's 'Quartet for the End of Time', with the 24 hour odyssey finishing off triumphantly back in London at the RCM with Strauss' Metamorphosen.

    If you missed out on the excitement, then there is a second chance to experience the jealousy, rage and passion of Janacek, the spiritual beauty of Messiaen and the epic Schubert, along with repertoire spanning every emotion and character from Mozart, Debussy, Vivaldi and others; not to mention not one, but two World premieres! Come and join the Sacconis in Folkestone this weekend; the weather forecast is good and there is still time to buy tickets (

    See you all there!

  • Hannah at the Southwell Music Festival

    28 April 2014

    Hannah is off to Southwell in Nottinghamshire this August, playing in the Southwell Music Festival, which runs from 22nd - 25th August.

    Full details can be found in the Festival brochure and the website.

  • The Sacconis at Kings Place

    25 April 2014

    The Sacconis are gearing up for three exciting performances at Kings Place over the coming weeks; twice on 2nd May and the third on 12th June.

    First up, on Friday 2nd May, is an epic evening, featuring two ground-breaking collaborations as part of Matthew Sharp's RE:naissance festival. The Sacconi Quartet and Sharp start the evening with Rautavaara's ‘Les Cieux Inconnues’, and round the night off with the dazzling cabaret concerto 'Death's Cabaret - A Love Story' , by Stephen Deazley and Martin Riley, also with Sharp. Details of both concerts can be found here (Rautavaara) and here (Death's Cabaret).

    The Sacconi Quartet return to Kings Place on the 12th June as part of the Chamber Classics Unwrapped series, which features the nation's top 50 chamber works, as voted by the general public. The Sacconi Quartet will be performing a programme of  Dvořák and Suk with pianist Simon Crawford-Phillips, with Dvořák's Piano Quintet ranking 28th and his 'American' Quartet ranking 9th. Details can be found here (Chamber Classics).

  • Ben and Cara play 'Quartet for the End of Time'

    23 April 2014

    Ben and Cara, along with Sarah Beaty (clarinet) and Alasdair Beatson (piano) will be performing Messiaen's 'Quartet for the End of Time' on two separate occasions prior to the Sacconi Festival; at Southwold on 10th May (see the Southwold website)  and at Oxford on 18th May (see the Oxford Coffee Concerts website).

    The quartet, composed in a prisoner of war camp in Germany at the start of WW2, is one of the most haunting and powerful works ever written.

  • Ben plays concert with London Bridge Ensemble - Sat 12th May

    11 April 2014

    Ben is playing with the London Bridge Ensemble tomorrow evening (Sat 12th April) in Sevenoaks. Programme: Bridge Phantasy Piano Quartet, Mozart Piano Quartet in E flat and Brahms Piano Quintet. 

    The Ship Theatre, Walthamstow School Hall, Sevenoaks - 7.30pm

  • Last day to get Early Bird Rover Ticket!

    21 March 2014

    Today (21st March) is the LAST DAY to get your Sacconi Festival Rover Ticket for the discounted price of £80 instead of £85, don't miss out!!

    23rd-25th May 2014 Folkestone • Box Office 01303 858500 •

    See you there!

  • Sacconi Festival Early Bird Offer extended!

    11 March 2014

    Here at Sacconi HQ we're feeling Spring in the air, the birds are singing, the sun is shining (behind the clouds) and we're in a great mood! We're feeling so buoyant in fact that we've decided to extend the Sacconi Festival Rover Ticket Early Bird Offer for another two weeks until the 21st March! (Well, actually we had an almighty printing disaster that's put us back two weeks. Details, details...) So, that means you've got another chance, if you haven't already, to get a Rover ticket for £80 instead of £85. Box Office: 01303 858500

  • Sacconi at the Bristol Proms

    29 July 2013

    See the Sacconi Quartet in Bristol this week as they immerse themselves in the new Bristol Proms at the Bristol Old Vic. Associate Artists at the Bristol Old Vic, the Sacconi are performing concerts with celebrated musicians including singer Jon Boden and cellist Guy Johnston. They will also be taking part in a two-day digital 'hack', a unique technology-driven exploration of the chamber music world, the results of which will be explored on Friday at 1pm .

    Inspired by the hugely popular promenade concerts staged in the 1840s - which drew people from all corners - The Bristol Old Vic this week launch their own twist for 2013, the Bristol Proms, in collaboration with Universal Music Arts and Entertainment and The Watershed.

  • Mendelssohn Octet on BBC Radio 3, Friday 14th June, 1pm

    12 June 2013

    On Friday 14th June at 1pm, BBC Radio 3 will broadcast part of the concert given by the Sacconi and Danish Quartets at the Bath International Music Festival in May.

    Tune in to BBC Radio 3 on Friday lunchtime to hear the Sacconi and Danish quartets play Strauss' Sextet from the opera Capriccio as well as the glorious Mendelssohn Octet. This was the first time these internationally celebrated groups had performed together; a very special collaboration. If you don't manage to catch the broadcast, it will be available to listen again - for more information, please visit the BBC Radio 3 website.

    The concert was performed at the Bath Assembly Rooms on 29th May 2013. The full programme of the concert, as well as the Strauss and Mendelssohn, also included the Octet by Norwegian composer Johan Svendsen. For more details on the concert, please visit the Bath Festival's website.

  • Listen again to the Sacconi Quartet on BBC Radio 3

    10 April 2013

    The Sacconi Quartet gave a fantastic and well-received concert for the Huddersfield Music Society on Monday 8th April at 7:30pm, broadcast live for BBC Radio 3 Live in Concert.

    If you didn't manage to catch this moving performance on Monday evening, you can listen again for the next 5 days on the BBC Radio 3 website.

    The Sacconis performed a rich and varied programme of Haydn, Britten and Mendelssohn in the beautiful St Paul's Hall, part of Huddersfield Univeristy:


    Haydn: String Quartet in C, opus 20 no. 2
    Britten: String Quartet No. 2 in C, opus 36
    Mendelssohn: String Quartet No.1 in A minor, opus 13

  • Sacconi Quartet on Howard Goodall's Story of Music

    12 February 2013

    Did you see the Sacconi Quartet on BBC 2 on Saturday 9th February? The Quartet were filmed as part of Howard Goodall's The Story of Music, a six part series on the history and growth of music.

    In this episode, entitled The Age of Elegance & Sensibility, composer Howard Goodall looks at the age of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, and Chopin. This was an era - from 1750 to 1850 - in which composers went from being the paid, liveried servants of princes and archbishops to working as freelancers, who, most of all, needed to appeal to a new, middle-class audience. Or starve.

    During the episode you can see the Sacconis playing a Beethoven's incredible and harrowing late work - String Quartet No.14, opus 131 (00:47:20) as well as a slightly more unusual arrangement of the song 'Rocking All Over The World' arranged for soprano and string quartet (00:09:30)!

  • Sacconi Festival listed as one of 20 unmissable Britten events for 2013!

    14 January 2013

    This month's issue of BBC Music Magazine is a Centenary Celebration of Benjamin Britten, and the Sacconi Chamber Music Festival in Folkestone has been chosen as one of their '20 unmissable Britten events for 2013' (p.98-102).

    With the Sacconis being joined by guest artists like Mark Padmore (tenor), Richard watkins (horn) and Gary Matthewman (piano) and with programmes including Britten's Serenade for tenor, horn and strings and Vaughan Williams' Tallis Fantasia.....well we think it's unmissable too!

    Sooooo......don't miss it!

    The early-bird booking price on the Rover ticket, £70 instead of £75, is still available, but only until February 28th. So book yours now on 01303 858500 / or visit for more details.

  • Hear us on In Tune tomorrow

    14 May 2012

    Listen to In Tune on BBC Radio 3 tomorrow afternoon to hear us being interviewed about the 2012 Sacconi Chamber Music Festival.

    The Sacconi Quartet will be playing with fantastic pianist Tom Poster and discussing the fifth Sacconi Festival, taking place in Folkestone THIS WEEKEND (18th-20th May)!

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