Reaching a wider audience

Ever since the inception of our Folkestone festival, we have tried to find projects that will inspire and rejuvenate the local community. We have done many projects with surrounding schools, a refugee centre and concerts in local care homes. Previous years include a dance project with local students and a performance of Benjamin Britten's Opera 'Noye's Fludde' with local schoolchildren and musicians. 

In 2014, the eminent Scottish composer, Stephen Deazely and Ensemble 360's incredible animateur, Polly Ives, collaborated with the quartet and Folkestone Primary Academy. Polly directed workshops in the lead up to the festival, culminating in a performance based around our new commission for string quartet, composed by Stephen Deazley.

In 2015 our Outreach Programme consisted of workshops in five Folkestone primary schools and a nursery. We are very grateful to the Kent Community Foundation, the Overstone Fund and the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust for their support.

Festival Outreach